Seattle Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Do you need to defend against a speeding ticket?

When you receive a speeding ticket in Washington State, you must either pay the fine or contest the ticket, and you must do this within a certain amount of time. By contacting a Seattle criminal defense lawyer you may be able to successfully contest the ticket and save quite a lot of money. Call Blair & Kim, PLLC because we have been helping clients for over thirty four years to beat speeding tickets. In Washington state a speeding ticket will stay on your record for three years and so it easy to see how much money that will cost you in the long run by having higher insurance rates during that time. Also some people have employment that requires that they have a clean driving record and we will fight to keep a speeding ticket off their record and protect their job.

Beating a Speeding Ticket

There are actually more ways to beat a speeding ticket than you might suspect. This is why it is important to contest the ticket rather than paying it. Many people mistakenly think that they will just pay the ticket off and that takes care of it. Paying it is an admission of guilt, and you may be able to successfully defend against it and avoid all the repercussions of increased insurance rates and points on your license. In our state, good drivers can be allowed deferment, which means that the ticket can be kept off of your record if you do not get another violation within a given time , which is typically a year. If you do get another violation within that time then both tickets will go on your record. Deferment is also up to the judg e, so there is no guarantee. The best thing to do is to contest the ticket and have a lawyer present who knows the laws well enough to challenge the citation successfully.

Contact a Seattle criminal defense lawyer today and get help in defeating a speeding ticket.

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