Seattle Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Defense Against Traffic Tickets in Seattle

Many people consider traffic infractions and citations a nuisance, and simply pay them or even ignore them. Traffic violations are non-criminal offenses for which jail time cannot be given. However, even if you pay the ticket your traffic record can adversely affect your insurance premiums. If you don't deal with it, your fines can go into collections and the DMV may suspend your driver's license. If you want to fight a traffic ticket for insurance or other reasons, you must protect your rights. Start by requesting a hearing and preparing your case. Remember, the prosecution must prove you made the violation.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Seattle

If you are serious about fighting a traffic ticket, you should start with seeking the help of an attorney. Our criminal defense attorney has great experience in defending against all types of traffic offenses, both civil and criminal. We do superior case preparation and will work with you to present a zealous defense. Our experience in defending clients with traffic tickets in both the Seattle Municipal Court and the Seattle District Court will serve you well.

Here are some of the areas that we can provide comprehensive legal defense in:

1. Speeding

When you receive a speeding ticket in Washington State, you are given the options to either pay the ticket or to contest it. There is a certain time frame within which you may take either of these actions. There are important reasons why you should choose to contest the ticket and having an attorney present will greatly improve your chances of success.

2. Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are issued for many different types of moving violations such as speeding or running through a red light. Traffic tickets always include fines and if you don't contest them and they will go on your record, causing your insurance carrier to raise your insurance rates. If you receive too many traffic tickets, you will lose your license.

Knowing the traffic laws and court procedures enables us to work with you in quickly and efficiently planning your defense.  Usually, when we represent you on a traffic ticket you will not be required to appear in court, which will save you time. We can assure you that we have the knowledge and experience to aggressively work on your behalf to reach the best possible outcome based on your alleged traffic violation.

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