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The penalties for drug crimes in Seattle can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. In addition to potential jail time and fines, certain convictions can lead to a removal of federal funds such as school loans. Penalties can be enhanced or made more severe by certain conditions such as the presence of a child or firearms.

The sale of controlled substances is one of the more serious drug charges in the state, with a potential penalty of prison time and heavy fines. The outcome may depend upon the type of drug and amount, and a Seattle criminal defense attorney will be needed to move into action for your defense immediately. If you have been charged with drug sales, we urge you to contact our firm before your case progresses. A drug  distribution charge often goes hand in hand with a criminal accusation involving drug sales, and is an equally serious crime. Those accused of  drug trafficking can face a high price as well.

Both of these drug crimes need a high quality criminal defense lawyer to delve into the situation surrounding the arrest and the subsequent search and seizure to see if any constitutional laws were violated by police. If you are facing charges of possession with intent to deliver, the consequences can be very severe in a conviction. Our defense lawyer could potentially challenge the evidence that pointed to the intent to deliver. If you are accused of  possession of marijuana, it could be charged as a either a misdemeanor or a felony offense, depending upon the amount involved. Above 40 grams, the charge will be felony possession.

How Blair & Kim Can Help

There has been a large increase in charges of prescription fraud, and the charges could involve a situation in which it is alleged that there was a forgery of a medical prescription to acquire drugs or a doctor making a prescription for a patient who doesn't need the drug or himself, for that matter. This is also a serious crime and violation of the controlled substances act.  VUCSA, or the " Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act " is the law in our state that addresses all types of drug crimes.

If you are facing a violation of VUSCA, you need to act quickly to fight back, as the repercussions in a conviction can be extremely harsh. Charges involving possession of drug paraphernalia can be filed against you should you be accused of having the tools or accessories used in the consumption of illegal drugs. These can be anything from pipes to scales to plastic baggies. These things are used by law enforcement to link someone to a drug crime such as possession or intent to sell.

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