Possession with Intent to Deliver Charges in Seattle

Intent to deliver falls under the category of sales and this is a high priority for Seattle law enforcement and criminal prosecutors alike. If you have been charged with intent to deliver you need a Seattle criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights, freedom and future. Call the law offices of Blair & Kim, PLLC to get the kind of aggressive legal defense and knowledge you will need to defend yourself against these charges.

Defending Charges of Possession with Intent

Sales of a controlled substance are a felony. The sentencing can vary, depending on the kind of drug and other circumstances . A felony crime carries prison time as well as large fine as the potential punishment. Intent to sell methamphetamine s can carry a sentence of up to 10 years and $25,000 in fines for two kilograms or less (RCW 69.50.401.) Curbing sales of controlled substances is viewed as a way to stem the tide of drug use . Law enforcement and prosecutors alike are extremely zealous working towards a conviction in all areas of drug delivery or sales. For this reason you need an aggressive line of defense that is compelling and presented professionally.

With a former prosecutor on our team who has handled over 15,000 cases, we have considerable experience and insight into how prosecutors work to prepare their case s. You may feel that the cards are stacked against you. We want you to know that these cases are defendable and we have helped to win vindication for many people in serious legal trouble in drug crime cases. We urge you to contact us immediately to review the situation and advise you how we can take action on your behalf.

Contact a Seattle drug defense attorney today to discuss your case.

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