Prescription Fraud Charges in Seattle

Charged with prescription fraud?

If you have been charged with prescription fraud, this is a serious offense and the sentencing in a conviction could include a prison sentence of up to 10 years. Additionally, you can be charged under the VUCSA for being in possession of the drug. It is in your own best interest to contact a Seattle criminal defense attorney right away who can give you information about your case, and prepare the legal defense you will need. At Blair & Kim, PLLC our legal team has worked with criminal defense cases for years, and has successfully defended countless clients against charges of drug crimes.

Seattle, WA Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Due to the addictive nature of the prescription drugs , our state is seeing an increase in people trying to obtain these drugs by fraudulent methods , such as forge d prescriptions, theft, doctor shopping and other methods. Under the law, you can be charged with prescription fraud even if you only made an attempt to get the drugs illegally . In this case the prosecution must prove that you knowingly tried to obtain the drugs with a fake or forged document.

There are defenses that an experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how to use in fighting to win your case. In some cases, it can be proved that the accused was suffering from severe chemical addiction and as not fully responsible. Additionally any circumstantial nature of evidence against you can and should be challenged. The first step is a full review of all the evidence against you to identify the holes in the prosecution's case. You deserve to have your rights, freedom and future protected, and that is our mission. Call us today for more information about your case.

Contact a Seattle drug defense attorney to find out more about legal defense of prescription fraud.

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