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Information on Robbery Charges

If you are accused of taking or attempting to take something of value from another person through the use of violence or threats of violence , you are facing charges of robbery. If a weapon is used during the robbery, the charge will be armed robbery, an even more dangerous legal situation. Robbery is considered a violent theft crime, and will be considered much more dangerous by the prosecutors and judges on your case, and you can be a long prison sentence if you are convicted. If you are facing robbery charges, you need an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney from our firm to defen d you against these charges and ensure that you are fairly and diligently represented in all court proceedings.

Under Washington violent crimes law, robbery can be classified in two different ways:

  • Robbery in the First Degree: Robbery in the First Degree is a Class A felony and can be charged if during the robbery or while fleeing the robbery site, the defendant is armed with a deadly weapon, or inflicts bodily injury against another person with that weapon. First-degree robbery can also be charged if the robbery is committed against a financial institution.
  • Robbery in the Second Degree: Robbery in the Second Degree is a Class B felony and can be charged if no weapon is used during the commission of the crime and if no one is injured during the act.

The penalties for these crimes can include probation, community service, monetary fines including restitution to the victims, and jail time or a longer sentence in state prison. This is a very serious legal problem, and we urge you to call us today.

Defending Robbery Charges in Seattle

When searching for a criminal defense attorney to represent you in court, it is important to find someone who is dedicated to helping their clients, and that you can trust. At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we understand that this is a frightening situation for you and your family. Being convicted of robbery can have a devastating effect on your life, and may even affect your ability to get a job or earn a living. Our attorneys have experience in all areas of theft crimes, including shoplifting, burglary and grand theft, and we are ready to put that experience to work on your case. Contact us today for an attorney you can count on.

If you are facing robbery charges, don't hesitate to contact a Seattle robbery defense lawyer .

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