Trafficking Stolen Property

Are you accused of selling stolen property?

Trafficking stolen property is a theft crime that is taken very seriously in the state of Washington. In the context of theft offenses, state law defines "trafficking" as selling, distributing, transferring, dispensing or disposing of property that is stolen. It can also mean buying or otherwise obtaining stolen property with the intention of selling it or committing one of the other previously mentioned actions. If you are charged with trafficking stolen property, you are likely facing some serious penalties. Our Seattle criminal defense lawyer from Blair & Kim, PLLC can inform you about your charges and help you explore your defense options. At our criminal defense law firm, we serve as aggressive advocates for our clients, helping them to strive for favorable outcomes in their cases.

How Washington Defines Trafficking in Stolen Property

This offense is considered "trafficking in stolen property in the first degree" when it involves a person knowingly overseeing the theft of property for the purpose of selling that property to others, according to RCW §9A.82.050. Some of the ways that individuals can oversee property theft is by organizing, initiating, planning, managing, supervising, directing or financing such activities. Prosecution of this theft crime in the first degree can also occur if a person knowingly engages in trafficking of stolen property. This offense is considered a class B felony, which can carry very severe penalties—up to 10 years of confinement and/or a fine of up to $20,000.

If a person is charged with alleged "trafficking in stolen property in the second degree," he or she will instead be charged with a class C felony, which carries a potential sentence of up to five years of confinement and/or a fine of up to $10,000. According to RCW §9A.82.055, this type of charge is applied when the defendant is accused of trafficking stolen property "recklessly," rather than "knowingly."

Consult with a Seattle theft crime attorney!

Mistakes and false accusations are sadly a reality of our criminal justice system today. There are many people who are accused of crimes they never actually committed them, and there are also those who are punished to harshly within the system. Our legal team at Blair & Kim, PLLC is here to help you uphold your rights and effectively defend yourself in a court of law. Contact us so we can discuss your charges with you!

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