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Assault charges could be filed as either a misdemeanor or felony. In either case, you could be facing very heavy penalties if you are convicted of the crime. The charges can be filed even if there was never any actual physical contact and only a threat was claimed to have been made that put the alleged victim in fear of immediate harm. The least serious assault charge will be filed as a 4th degree assault. This is a gross misdemeanor with potential penalties of up to 90 days in jail. Never proceed into court on any level of assault charges without a high quality Seattle criminal defense lawyer from Blair & Kim, PLLC protecting you, your rights and your freedom. Our lead criminal defense lawyer is a former prosecutor who has handled over 15,000 cases, and has

Penalties for Assault Charges in Seattle

Assault charges do not require that any physical contact actually occurred between you and the alleged victim. Just a verbal threat against another person in which it is claimed the individual was in fear of immediate harm can lead to charges of assault. Cases involving criminal accusations of assault against a law enforcement officer have enhanced penalties. If you are facing charges of assault, whether assault and battery, sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon or other form of assault, you could be facing extensive time in jail or prison, based upon the actual details of the case, and the degree of the injuries that are alleged to have been inflicted. This is a violent crime and can carry extremely heavy penalties.

In cases in which a police officer, nurse, doctor, public transportation operator or certain other professional were the alleged victim of the assault, the charged are filed as a 3rd degree assault, which is a Class C felony under CW 9A.36.031. The penalties imposed in such a case can include up to 43 months in prison as well as fines ranging as high as $10,000. For those who have a prior criminal record, it is likely that a long sentence will be imposed by the court. 2nd degree assault charges are filed against those who are alleged to have assault another person by strangulation, torture, inflicted substantial bodily harm upon another person, injured an unborn child due to an assault on the mother, or assaulted another person while engaged in committing another felony offense such as burglary, or poisoning. This is a Class B felony and will include years in prison in a conviction in many cases. 1 st degree assault is a Class A felony which carries potential penalties of up to 123 months in prison and fines as high as $50,000. In cases in which a firearm or other weapon was used in committing the crime, the penalties under state law are increased.

If you are facing charges of assault, contact a Seattle criminal defense attorney from Blair & Kim, PLLC at once.

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