Seattle Domestic Violence Attorney

Are you accused of committing domestic violence?

The crime of domestic violence is heavily punished in Washington, and the repercussions can extend far beyond the potential for incarceration, fines, and treatment programs. You could face legal problems with regard to being able to see your children, enter your own home, or be in the vicinity of the alleged victim. If you are facing charges of domestic violence, a Seattle criminal defense lawyer from our firm can take action for your defense at once.

There are frequently cases in which accusations of domestic violence are either exaggerated or there were other contributing factors that must be brought to the attention of the court. Having worked with clients on over 400 domestic violence cases, our lead attorney has the experience and insight you need to fight for your rights, future and freedom. Any violent crime charges, including domestic violence, should be defended with the help of a high quality, aggressive defense attorney.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Seattle

At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we take pride in our record of success at trial, and as our lead criminal attorney is a former prosecutor, and has handled over 15,000 cases, you can have confidence that we have the experience that you need when facing charges of domestic violence. Charges are often filed based upon the statement of one person; the issue involving conflicting accounts of what happened must be carefully addressed. It is important that every aspect of the case is fully analyzed to determine how to best address the case in court, or whether it is possible to get the charges dismissed.

A domestic violence charge can be filed in any alleged crime against a family member or other person who shares the home with you. In most cases the charges will involve a case of assault, criminal trespass, unlawful imprisonment, harassment and cases in which one party is accused of having violated a protection order or a restraining order. There are specific penalties imposed when a violent crime is classified as domestic violence, and the court has broad discretion with regard to imposing no-contact orders while the criminal case is pending.

When law enforcement is called in on a domestic call, they must make an arrest. They will do so based upon what they observe and what they are told at the time. The charges cannot be dropped, even if the alleged victim later admits that they had exaggerated the situation - only the prosecuting attorney can make that decision. This is an extremely dangerous situation which must be addressed by a high quality defense attorney with extensive experience in court. At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we have the experience and insight into how to best deal with charges of domestic violence and urge you to contact us immediately, prior to your first court hearing whenever possible.

Contact a Seattle domestic violence lawyer from our firm at once if you are facing any charges that are classified as domestic violence.

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