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Are you accused of committing a criminal offense? The most important issue at this point is getting a Bothell criminal attorney that knows their business on your side. Exercise your right to remain silent and avoid the natural impulse to communicate with a "friendly" police officer or investigator. They have no interest other than to get more evidence of your guilt. At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we know the system. We have a combined 30 years of experience, and we are prepared to fight back against criminal charges for our clients.

Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Our legal team is committed to providing an aggressive criminal defense case for our clients throughout the entire process. If you are facing charges in a DUI, have multiple DUI convictions, or the case involves your child being charged with a minor DUI, call our firm immediately. We are extremely familiar with the DUI process, and with what works in a defense. You must get a full case review before you make a decision about your plea. Don't appear in court, even for the arraignment without our assistance. Things can go right, or they can go very wrong. Don't take chances on any drunk driving charges.

Our firm also represents the accused in all types of violent crimes, including domestic violence, assault, and harassment. We take on defending people who are facing charges in theft crimes, either misdemeanor or felony, including burglary, robbery, shoplifting and grand theft. We are also very experienced in defending a wide range of drug crimes, including sales, distribution, possession with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, prescription fraud, VUCSA crimes , possession of drug paraphernalia, and others such as cultivation and manufacturing.

Fighting Back for You in Court

If you have been given a number of tickets for civil traffic offenses, you will soon be in real trouble regarding your license, if you aren't already. We can help you defend against tickets for speeding, and other traffic tickets. Some are facing charges in criminal traffic offenses which have much more serious repercussions, such as hit & run, reckless driving, driving with suspended license, or DUI related charges. We can help you with any type of traffic related offense, and are prepared to act immediately for you. We also offer legal services for those who have been wrongfully convicted or sentenced in post conviction relief, can help you with expungements/seal records/vacate conviction, criminal appeals, for convictions or sentence modification.

The most important factor to address after an arrest is getting legal representation to protect your rights. You cannot assume that you will be in a system where there is a great deal of "fair play". Once you are arrested, everything possible will be done to convict you. It is imperative that you have an attorney on your side that is willing to fight for you. Call us immediately after your arrest, or if you are being questioned in a criminal case.

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