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Are you concerned about what will happen to you after a criminal charge? There are actual reasons that you should be worried; the criminal justice system imposes heavy penalties on most criminal charges. Even a misdemeanor offense can often have a potential of up to 12 months in jail. Felony offense can lead to years in state prison for some crimes. If you are looking for an Everett criminal defense attorney that has experience and a great depth of insight into how to craft a persuasive criminal defense case, get in touch with our firm. At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we have achieved a number of notable victories in difficult cases, and we should evaluate your case before it moves further through the justice system. Don't make any court appearances, from arraignment through to pre-trial hearings to the trial itself without a skilled attorney managing your case and protecting your rights. You gain a level of control and protection from our firm that is absolutely essential in criminal cases.

DUI, Drug Crimes and Criminal Traffic Offenses

We defend all types of DUI, including representing those with convictions in multiple DUI charges. We are extremely familiar with the DUI process and how to take action that could reduce the damage to your life. We represent young people charged with minor DUI offense, and we know how important it can be to a young person's future opportunities to have a clean criminal record. We are prepared to fight at every step of the process and we believe that you deserve the best criminal defense lawyer possible to help you. Call our firm at once if you are facing charges in any drunk driving offense. We also provide legal representation for all types of criminal traffic offenses, including hit & run, driving with suspended license, reckless driving offenses, and other types of vehicle related charges. In cases in which another person has been injured or killed, the situation is extremely dangerous, as well as highly emotionally charged. How the case is managed could greatly impact the outcome at trial. Get the skilled help you deserve early in the process.

Our legal team can also help you fight back against criminal charges in drug crimes. Whether you are facing charges for sales, distribution, possession with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana in small or large amounts, prescription fraud or VUCSA crimes, or are accused of possession of drug paraphernalia, you need to ensure your rights are protected. The penalties imposed by the court in a conviction are often extensive. Jail or prison time, fines, forfeiture of assets in cases in which it is believed that they were purchased with income from the illegal drugs trade and other possible penalties could be imposed. Get help from our Everett criminal lawyer as quickly as possible.

Theft Crimes and Violent Crimes in Everett, WA

Our firm has extensive experience in defending theft crimes, including burglary, robbery, misdemeanor or felony charges of shoplifting, and grand theft. These crimes could lead to a changed future with a jail or prison time and a criminal record that is certainly going to impact your ability to move forward in your professional life. We fight back in all types of criminal charges, including those related to theft, and the initial step in the process is to get the evidence that led to you arrest reviewed. Most cases have some area that could be challenged, whether the police procedure, arrest, search, lab evidence, witnesses that could have other motives and many other types of options. Call us for help in a theft crime case.

If your charge is a violent crime such as domestic violence, misdemeanor or felony assault or harassment, you are in danger legally. Don't speak to law enforcement, don't answer questions, and even a friendly officer who appears to be on your side is taking mental notes to assist in the case against you. Exercise your rights. Remain silent and call our firm before you agree to answer questions, as is your right under the constitution.

Call a Trusted Everett Criminal Attorney

Our firm is known for excellent work in civil traffic offenses such as speeding, all types of traffic tickets, and in serving those who have suffered the tragedy of a miscarriage of justice in post conviction relief. We represent those who are seeking expungements / seal records / vacate conviction, need appeals to attempt to overturn a conviction or in sentence modification. We have a high level of client care and service, and our firm is very professional, experienced and ready to fight for those who need it the most - people just like you, who are facing criminal charges.

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