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When you need a criminal attorney to fight for you, how do you which firm to talk to? You want an attorney that has a record of success, extensive experience at trial, and takes a strategic approach to defending your case. One of our founding attorneys is a successful former prosecutor, and his background on the "other side" can benefit those who are facing criminal charges. The strategy employed will be determined after an in-depth analysis of the evidence that has led to the arrest. Any flaw, failure to follow correct police procedure, lab problems or witnesses that may have faulty memories or other problems will all be fully evaluated with regard to options for a defense challenge.

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Our firm is focused on criminal defense law in a range of types of cases, including DUI. We defend those who have one or more prior convictions. The penalties for multiple DUI convictions are very severe; a repeat offender may find that they are facing felony charges, and the potential of a long term in jail or prison. We guide our clients through every step of the DUI process, and have successfully challenged cases that appeared to be cut and dried. Before you plead guilty to a drunk driving charge, whether felony, misdemeanor or minor DUI, it is important that you get a full case review from our firm. We can also defend against other criminal traffic offenses, including hit & run, driving with suspended license, and reckless driving among others.

Drug Crime and Theft Crime Defense

For those who face charges in drug crimes in the Kent area, whether sales, distribution, possession with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, prescription fraud or other offense, the situation must be gotten under control without delay. There are heavy penalties for crimes in which it is alleged that you were involved in the illegal drug trade; even a possession offense in which the amount of the drug exceeds the threshold amount will be charged as a felony. We defend all types of VUCSA crimes as well as possession of drug paraphernalia such as pipes, scales, measuring equipment and other cases in which law enforcement seized your property and alleges you had intent to sell controlled substances. Those who are facing charges in theft crimes such as shoplifting could avoid charges if we act quickly. In cases that involve burglary or robbery, or grand theft, your defense must be initiated immediately, and we can help.

Criminal Attorney in Kent

Our legal team defends all types of violent crimes, including criminal accusations in domestic violence crimes, such assault or harassment. We also have a great depth of experience in how to best fight back against civil traffic offenses including speeding, and all other types of traffic tickets. We also serve those who have need of post conviction relief in expungements / seal records / vacate conviction, in criminal appeals for sentence modification. We believe that your best option after an arrest or wrongful conviction is to get legal representation that is fully committed to you, your cause and your freedom.

Our legal team is highly committed, professional and has a reputation for excellent legal work in criminal law. We have been serving the criminally accused in the Kent area since 1995, and our knowledge and experience can be of great benefit to you if you are accused of committing a crime. When we take on a case, the first step is to review all the evidence that led to your arrest to identify the most viable options for challenging the prosecution's case. We have prevailed in many cases that other law firms thought were hopeless. We urge you to contact us as early as possible after your arrest. If you are the target of a police investigation in a crime, exercise your right to remain silent and call our firm. You must be protected by a criminal attorney that knows the system and is committing to fighting for justice for you.

At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we have a reputation for high quality defense work, our professionalism, and we have an impressive record of success in court. We invite you to contact our legal team before your case moves any further through the system. There could be options that would allow for a case dismissal, and if so, action should be taken immediately. No matter what the situation, you have rights and they must be zealously protected.

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