The legal system is about relationships IE prosecutor ,judge, victim mark knows this and he works those angles very well with a mixture of your case and back ground and legal maneuvers you will get a favorable result at least I did twice. both cases were dv cases one no contact violation, second dv assault result both cases were dismissed after small fine and some community service, 6 month dv class but not misdemeanors . one in king county superior court the second fife municipal court.

Mark has a team Travis helped on my second case regularly as well as mark and I felt they were a great team. I hope I never need them again...

– Anonymous

100% Satisfied

At Blair and Kim I found the legal representation I was looking for after many years. They did not only take on and get a guilty verdict vacated, but also cleaned up a couple other items on my record. Mark Blair is a talented, honest and experienced lawyer. Mark and his staff were available on a daily basis and responded directly to my questions promptly and professionally. They showed their best at all times. I would recommend and refer this firm to anyone seeking true professional legal assistance.

– Anonymous

Successful motion to modify sentence 17 yrs later!

I hired Mark Blair to modify my sentence 17 years after my plea due to a change in state law. While the judge was reluctant to agree to such motion, Mark used a legal brief as well as his brilliant attorney skills to get the judge to agree! I was very pleased with Mark, they responded every time I had any concerns, kept me informed throughout the whole process. Filed and did things exactly and when they said they would do. Would definitely hired again and can't recommend their firm enough! Thanks again Mark!


Great lawyer, even greater person.

Mark guided me through one of the hardest times of my life. During a process that could have quickly become overwhelming and terrifying to handle, Mark was able to guide me through, explain what was going on, and give me a clear plan of action on what exactly to do.

His communication was clear, swift, and concise. He was optimistic and gave me hope, but was also real with me and let me know what I could and should expect. In a time where I easily could have been completely lost, Mark showed me the way. He worked tirelessly and aided me in my own preparation, and helped me prepare for the toughest time of my life.

During my hearing, Mark was phenomenal. His line of questioning helped expose some clear flaws and fallacies in the case, and built a powerful argument for my side.

Perhaps the most telling thing to me, was that, at the beginning of my hearing, the opposing side was cordial to Mark. They shook his hand and exchanged pleasantries. By the end of the case, however, they could no longer look him in the eye, and refused to shake his hand. It was clear to me that his line of questioning totally tore their argument apart.

If I could give Mark a higher recommendation, then I would. He deserves not 5, but 6 stars for the way he handled my case. He guided me through the hardest point in my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.


I highly recommend Mark Blair to be your lawyer!

I hired Mark Blair to be my lawyer when I was arrested for a DUI. I looked into a few lawyers and chose Mark because he was very qualified and asked a reasonable fee for his services, one which I could afford. He listened carefully to me, and clearly explained what would be going on pro and con for my case. Mark was honest and told me kindly that my case was a hard one and that it might not go well for me. He seemed to know my fears, and constantly assured me that I could trust him to do his best for me. Mark was always available for me whenever I needed to call or text him. The thing I noticed about Mark especially is that he loved his job and cared for his clients. He is gifted in the courtroom and I could tell he enjoyed that part of his job also. Mark is very knowledgeable about criminal offenses, DUI offenses, etc. He is experienced, and knew how to present my case. I felt that he was an expert. He worked hard, studied my case carefully, and arrived in court very prepared. My case turned out well for me, and I know this was because I had such a competent lawyer.

– Connie

Great experience with everyone at the firm.

Mark is a great attorney with a huge amount of experience. He definitely knows what he is doing. Great people inside the firm friendly and helpful.
Will recommend to anyone with all the needs.

– Mark

Professional Service

Mark Blair was extremely professional and proficient in assisting me with my two cases for domestic violence and DUI. I hired him later on in the process due to being uncomfortable with how my case was being handled by my previous attorney. Mark was confident he could get the matters resolved favorably. The domestic violence charge ended up being dismissed and the DUI was reduced. I believe that both cases went as well as they could have thanks to Mark. He is easy to reach throughout the case and easy to talk to and understand. I would highly recommend him!

– Anonymous

Travis Moeller - Best Attorney

Travis Moeller worked on my case and I want to say "thank you" to Travis and everyone at Blair Kim office. My appreciation and gratitude cannot be expressed. I'm truly grateful for everything you guys have done for me this past week. Travis worked long and hard on my case and I'm truly grateful for this professionalism and legal advice.

– Anonymous

Hands down, the BEST!

Mark Blair is clearly the attorney that you want to have representing you. When I found this firm, my situation did not look promising and was causing obstacles in my professional future and quality of living. He and his entire staff are incredibly proficient, efficient, and very respectful. When it came time for our court date, his strategy and argument was brilliant. It was the most protected and respected that I had ever felt around that legal situation, and Mark Blair won my case and brought justice to the overall outcome.

– Anonymous

You NEED Mark Blair on your side!

Mark Blair is an OUTSTANDING attorney. He is an experienced and savvy lawyer who knows how to present your case in the best possible light. He is highly respected by prosecutors and judges, which can make a huge difference for his clients. Communication with Mark and his team is always prompt, respectful, and effective. They keep you informed every step of the way in a clear, concise manner that you can understand. He is clearly one of the best in the business!

– Anonymous

Miracle Worker

I was charged with felony theft 3 years ago, at 26yrs old this was my first charge, and a big one. My family was directed to Mark by word of mouth from a friend. While I expected the worst, and Mark was honest with the potential outcomes, he was clear and involved with every step of the criminal process. He made sure I understood every detail of my case and where it was going.....Mark, through his decades of experience, as both a prosecutor and attorney, was able to secure a misdemeanor charge, community service, and a small fine. Mark used all bargaining chips available to secure this. I plan on using Mark for expungement purposes as I will be applying for professional licenses in a field that has highly involved background checks. Mark literally, and I cannot stress this enough, SAVED MY LIFE... I was ready to resign many of my goals and dreams because I expected that felony theft charge, while, Mark, near the end of my case, was fairly confident he could work some "magic" in dealing with the court system. Everyone makes mistakes, do not let that mistake affect you for the rest of your life because you did not hire the incredible experienced, professional, and highly reputable attorney Mark Blair! Worth it, Thank you Mark!

– Anonymous

I NEVER have regretted hiring Mark Blair as my lawyer!

Getting arrested for a DUI was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. Mine was a complicated citation because I caused an accident. I had no idea how to start or where to begin to deal with this situation. Finding a lawyer seemed very overwhelming.
Then, I received a letter from Mark Blair, stating that he was an experienced lawyer who dealt with DUI cases. I immediately searched his reputation and qualifications, and decided to contact him.
He was excellent in being clear and honest with me, explaining to me from the start the best and worst outcomes. There was jail time to consider, financial responsibilities, as well as losing my driver’s license. Basically, he gave me a plan and procedure for what he would do if he were my lawyer. Even though my case would be difficult, he affirmed that he would do his best for me at all times. He was clear about how to pay him, and what the payment would include. That very day, he gave me some concrete steps I needed to take before even going to my first court date. Step one was getting a drug/alcohol assessment, which I did.
I was so glad I hired him to be my lawyer. He was extremely committed to helping me, was available to take my calls and e-mails, as well as attend the many court dates to speak in my behalf. I, of course, did not want to hear that his recommendation was that I make a plea of guilty. But, he knew and understood that this would be the best outcome for me in the long run, since this was my first offense. And, he was correct.
I was nervous and scared the entire months this case went on, but felt assured and confident that I had the best and most experienced lawyer ever. Everything he told me would happen, did---exactly like he explained! I NEVER have regretted hiring Mark Blair as my lawyer. His knowledge of what to do, how to proceed, and which avenues to take, etc., took the burden off of me. I knew he was there for me. I cannot recommend him enough, and feel totally indebted to him. He is a very good lawyer!

– Anonymous

Great Results in DUI case

Mark explained all my options and represented me at all the court proceedings. He negotiated with the prosecutors and got my DUI reduced to a negligent driving ticket. It was a big relief!


Calming and Effective

Mark informed me of my options in a logical and calming manor. I felt comfort in his capabilities immediately. His recommendations and connections got my charges dismissed.

– Anonymous

Thank you Mr. Blair

I called Mr Blair in a panic fearing the worst for my son. Mr Blair took the time to talk to me same day over the phone. He very promptly made some phone calls and was able to get information to help me. Mr Blair was able to read my sons information and VERY QUICKLY found errors proving my sons innocence. Within a matter of hours he was able to resolve this case and ALL charges were dropped. Mr Blair kept me in constant communication which eased my fears tremendously! I would HIGHLY recommend Mr Blair!

– Gwynne

Highly Recommended

Hiring mark Blair is worth every 1$, he's a good man and knows how to protect your rights of the amendments. Went to court once with him and everything went smoothly!


5 star service

Mark Blair is a pleasure to work with. He is honest, intelligent, hard working and available when you need him. I would hire him again and recommend him to others in need of his service, He is someone you can rely on!

– Anonymous

great job

I have been a client dealing with a several issues and Mark has been amazing he got everything taken care of very professionally kept me involved and informed as to what was going on and even was able to save me a bit off my bill.Was a good experience dealing with mark and i would absolutely recommend him.He personally went out of his way to help me.

– Anonymous

As recommended

I was arrested and charged with DV Assault - misdemeanor and during my research for an attorney, Mark Blair came highly recommended. Mark put my mind at ease in this uncomfortable situation because of his personality and how in great specificity he explained how the process works AND executed as promised. Mark helped me put this nightmare behind me and I absolutely recommend him as the right person to represent you.

– Anonymous


My first contact with Mark was in his office discussing my case and the process ahead. I found him to be very knowledgeable and a down-to-earth guy so I felt assured in his abilities. The DV charges against me were dismissed by the prosecutors office and although I was innocent I wasn't going to take chances without an attorney. Mark has my eternal gratitude.

– Anonymous

Excellent lawyer

Mark Blair represented me with professional acumen, real world common sense and very positive results. He gets my full endorsement. Thank you Mark!

– Erin

Quick and Efficient

Found Mark on Avvo after hearing about the company from a friend. Needed an attorney to quash a warrant for missing court and driving with suspended license. Talked to him on a Tuesday, went to court on a Friday and now everything is taken care of! THANK YOU!

– Anonymous

Restoring Fire arm rights

I hired Mark recently to handle my case in restoring my fire arms right in order to obtain my WA cpl.
He reviewed my case and was very knowledgable in the process of how to obtain my cpl. Mark's staff was very pleasant to deal with, they kept me informed through the whole process. I like the fact, if I had any questions or concerns, his staff wouldn't heistate to respond quickly. I finally was able to apply for my cpl and recieved it recently, his staff took the extra step to inform WA state patrol I had my fire arm rights restored. I would highly recommend Mark and his firm in any criminal case or licensing issue you may have.


Mark C. Blair

I had Mark Blair as a lawyer for a misdemeanor this past year. I was really Impressed by his broad knowledge of the legal system and the responsiveness of both him and his secretary. In addition, I found him to be extremely comforting as he was a realistic guy with a great sense of humor that made a tough time a lot easier. I would recommend Mark Blair to any one, any day. Overall an awesome person and an outstanding lawyer. My court case was dropped. Thank you Mark!!


excellent lawyer

I found Mark to be very personable. He always responded back in a reasonable time frame. He was very knowledgeable and handled our case excellently. I would recommend him highly.


Excellent Lawyer

Being charged with a criminal offense was an unbelievably stressful event. As an accused individual, I faced the challenge of pleading my innocence to an unfamiliar court system. While I had successfully navigated through my emotions, the impersonal nature of the system would seem to be a challenge to anyone in this situation.
Mark was able to adroitly handle the technical nature of the system and also putting my mind at ease. Mr. Blair always kept me well informed and he was highly responsive to any unexpected issues that ocurred during the Criminal Defense case . His previous experience as a prosecutor was instrumental and effective in the dismissal of my case.
While I don't see myself being in this position ever again, I would highly recommend Mark to those seeking to defend their innocence. Thanks again Mark!!

– Anonymous

A hard working attorney

I contacted Mr. Blair about getting my records vacated and sealed. Not only did he beat out 4 different attorneys by $2,000, he got me the results in an expedited manner. Mr. Blair and his staff are incredibly professional and handle your case as if it is their only case. My hats off to Mr. Tran and Ms. Fournier for their help with the paperwork and help with all of the minor work. This is truly a great law firm with the resources, honesty and dedication that anyone would need with their legal issues.


The best criminal lawyer in Seattle - without question.

Mark is a former prosecutor so he knows the ins and outs of how the system works and also knows many of the prosecutors personally, which is an enormous advantage. There were several times when I thought all was lost but Mark pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got unbelievable results for me. And through it all, he was kind, responsive, and calm, and a tremendous help. He's just a great person. I couldn't rate him more highly. He is absolutely the best and you will be glad you hired him. I was.

– Anonymous

Strong 10 out of 10 Thank you Mark!

If you are looking for an experienced, hardworking attorney who’s highly respected in Washington’s national-diverse community. Then get in touch with Mark Blair, he is your attorney. Talk to Mark about your legal trouble(s) explain the issue. Mark will explain your legal rights and how he will fight for you. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Because of Mark’s loyalty to his client and profession, the impossible was made possible!

I am recommending Mr. Blair’s services to everyone who’s looking for best legal help.


Great Attorney

Sara Kim of BlairKim is a great attorney. I had never before had representation or dealt with the legal system and she made it very easy for me. She converted the legalese into laymans terms for me and helped me to understand the steps of the process. When I hesitated on certain decisions, Sara gave me the confidence and encouragement to proceed – especially since it was most beneficial to me in the long run. Sara is very straightforward and professional while also being personable and pleasant to deal with.



One of the first to respond after I received my DUI. Instantly felt assured in his abilities and personal character. And has fair market value prices!


Perfect for Us

Sara Kim was the perfect lawyer for our situation. We were determined not to involve the courts in our divorce. Within the first 30 minutes of consultation, Sara proposed an equitable formula for division of property which we used to negotiate an agreement that felt fair to both of us. Our flat fee arrangement with Sara covered the filing of paperwork which alleviated much pressure for us during a very stressful time. I highly recommend Sara for her flexibility, professionalism, and efficiency.


Best Defense In Seattle

Mark C. Blair has no rival in his field in Seattle. A consummate professional. Communication was brief , straightforward , easy to understand , and without a typical condescending tone you can sometimes experience from attorneys on top of their field. Correspondence was timely and always affective. Any in need of criminal defense , should have a conversation with Mr. Blair , and you will quickly see and feel , no further contacts , referrals , or phone calls need be made. The money and time that can be saved by streamlining future contact and collateral damage in the sentencing process will far and away be worth every penny of the fee structure. Thank you very very much Mark Blair

N.Mark French

Honest and Direct

I hired Sara Kim as my Divorce Attorney after meeting with her after a consultation of a probable divorce situation. I felt in my gut, I could trust her and that she would be the one to help guide me through this difficult path. My instincts were proven correct. She was honest, direct and I knew she would fight for what was in my best interest. I feel she was fair and honest in her billing, I could always reach her if needed and she assured me if I didn’t hear from her weekly it was a good thing. It just meant the path was clear with less billable hours. Through the settlement she made sure I was at ease and worked hard to secure I would get to see my children as often as possible and financially get a fair and adequate settlement. I would recommend Sara to anyone going through this challenging process. I am grateful for all she did for me and I wasn’t the easiest client, yet in the end I felt I gained a friend as well as an Attorney.

Thank you Sara for ALL you have done for me and my girls.


He is absolutely the best and you will be glad you hired him. I was.

Mark is a former prosecutor so he knows the ins and outs of how the system works and also knows many of the prosecutors personally, which is an enormous advantage. There were several times when I thought all was lost but Mark pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got unbelievable results for me. And through it all, he was kind, responsive, and calm, and a tremendous help. He’s just a great person. I couldn’t rate him more highly.


He's good, I want to use THAT attorney!

Mark presented my case in a concise, articulate manner and was respectful to the judge and prosecuting attorney. He was calm and presented himself with the utmost professionalism. I believe these factors had a direct influence on the judge’s decision especially given the judge does not normally dismiss this type of case. I was extremely relieved to have my case dismissed. I can now put this behind me and move on with my life. In addition, the party sitting in the court room in front of my spouse was overheard saying “He’s good, I want to use THAT attorney!”


Extremely Helpful

Mark did for me what I tried (and failed) to do myself: get a dismissed record vacated by a judge who didn’t even know you could do that.

He was in touch through the process, and his staff was pleasant and courteous and got the job done quickly after my initial contact.

Definitely recommended!



My first contact with Mr. Blair was though an internet referral. I was impressed with his honesty over the phone. He gave us some solid advice on what to expect and what to do if certain things happened. After analyzing the case he was able to advise us that some things had been done improperly associated with the police stop and arrest and that he had two legitimate points he could argue to get the case dismissed. He also advised that there is no guarantee that the judge would see things the same way. At our request, Mark worked with the prosecuting attorney and ultimately we ended up settling on a lesser charge that involved acceptable consequences.


CALL MARK BLAIR! You won't be disappointed

Not knowing what to do, to hire an attorney, or not…I called Mark Blair’s office not knowing what to expect. What I got was first class. Mark was on the road, so he asked me to email my case number…he called back within 30 minutes with a breakdown of what my options were. I was out of state, returning to WA to handle a Warrant due to driving with a suspended license, so my options were slim. Things didn’t go as planned at the courthouse as to the scheduling of the court date, but Mark was able to go out of his way and visit the court/clerk and get me into court the next day where I was able to plea/pay my fine and go back home and never have to deal with this again. For those wondering, warrants come up in job application background checks, so if you have one, CALL MARK BLAIR! You won’t be disappointed. I cannot thank him enough for his education, guidance, and knowledge of the WA court system and the skills to make this a seamless process.


He'll Earn Your Trust

I had a Negligent Driving 1st Degree conviction in 2006 that was reduced from a DUI. I was worried about having this on my Medical School application 7 years later as I thought it did not reflect my character today. I came across this website when trying to find out how to expunge or vacate such a conviction. Interestly enough it was attorney Blair who had the correct information on how to make a motion for such an order. Since he was in Seattle and my case was in Kitsap County I contacted several attorneys in the Kitsap area. The Attorneys were 1): hard to get in contact with and 2): possessed little to no information on how to approach an expungement/vacate of a DUI. Some wanted to charge me a fee just for them to study the statutes. How ridiculous is that? I decided to give Attorney Blair an email on a Sunday only to receive a phone call half an hour later. He was more than willing to explain the process to vacate the conviction and what it would mean for filling out applications. This was 4 months prior to when I actually hired Attorney Blair. Unfortunately the statute governing the vacating a negligent driving conviction resulting from a DUI changed this past summer to 10 years prior to incidence. This was explained to me by Mark before we went through with filing the motion and before I paid him a flat fee for all proceedings for the case. Mark let me know that it could still be vacated due to the fact it was changed from 7 to 10 years after my conviction but the legislature was against me in this. However, he informed me that he would make the motion again at the 10 year mark if it was denied FOR NO ADDED FEE. At this point I had no apprehensions about Attorney Blair and asked him to file the motion and appear at court for me. I live out of state, but everything was seamlessly easy. I can not stress enough that this is the epitome of good service – in any industry. Not to mention that Attorney Blair is exceptionally knowledgable in Legislature and is willing to fight for his clients! I did not expect to have the conviction vacated but low and behold Mark was able to obtain the Judge and Prosecutor’s signature on the motion! I can now legally state that that I have never been convicted of a misdemeanor on any type of application, thanks to Attorney Mark Blair. Many may be skeptical of such reviews praising an Attorney but voice your concerns to Mark and ask questions. You will find that Attorney Blair is not only passionate about his work, but his experience and information he gives is honest. That’s hard to find. Don’t be naive, give Mark a call. He’ll earn your trust.


Easy To Work With

Mark was easily accessible and easy to talk to. From the first conversation it was clear he has a very good knowledge of the law and how to get things done. He responded to all inquiries in a timely manner. He was able to get accomplished what he said he would. I was pleased the results and would use his services again, if necessary.


Charges Dismissed - The judges and even the prosecutors know and liked Mark - Excellent Criminal Defense

Mark came to my rescue several years ago and managed to get my criminal charges dismissed and now most recently expunged and my court records sealed. He is not only an adroit attorney but he endeared himself with the local prosecutors and judges which I believe made him much more effective and successful in my case. I really appreciate his service.


MORE Than Helpful & Effective

Mark Blair did everything he said he was going to do in my case. He had to appear in 2 different courthouses, deal with multiple charges & was more than available whenever I had a question/concern. He e-mailed back quickly & responded to texts/calls even faster. I would recommend Mark for any case within the greater Seattle-area.


Review of criminal defense services

I hired Mark as my defense attorney to handle my reckless driving and reckless endangerment charges. The entire process took about 4 months, from the pre-sentencing to the pre-trial, where ultimately the case was resolved.


DV Case Dec 2010

Mark did an excellent job of getting me through this problem and kept me informed of what to expect, what could or should be done, and continuously kept in mind my concerns and needs, while ensuring I didn’t violate any court requirements. He proactively worked with the Prosecutor and supplied me with suggestions based on his many years of working within the legal system. If I was unfortunate enough to need his services again, I would not hesitate to use him or recommend him to others.


Professional, Knowledgeable & Confident

Before speaking with Mark Blair I felt that my legal situation was spinning out of control. I felt defeated and helpless, even more so after speaking with two other law firms in the Seattle area prior to contacting Mark. After speaking with Mark I felt confident that, though this situation will not disappear, it will certainly get better with time. Mark clearly listened and gave me answers and advice based on law, not opinion. I am very grateful to Mark for taking the time to listen and truly take interest in my situation. I highly recommend the law firm of Blair & Kim, PLLC.


Mark Blair delivers results

I was charged with Shoplifting in SMC, It could have had severe economic and personal implications for me. I engaged Mr. Blair after reviewing a lot of Attorneys. I am so happy I did. He is not only very knowledgeable professionally, but well respected and connected in Seattle court circles. He guided me patiently and with great empathy and care through a difficult and confusion process. Even though he could have chosen a path of quicker resolution (steered me into accepting diversion) he insisted and eventually through persistence and competence win “Civil Compromise” with the store that seldom if ever agrees to a compromise of misdemeanor. I VERY HIGHLY recommend Mr. Blair to anyone who finds himself in the unfortunate situation of being under criminal prosecution., Mr. Blair can help you save your reputation and get you the best possible results.


Knowledgeable, Responsive, and Reliable

Mr. Blair represented me in a domestic violence case. After being victimized once on the night of my assault, and then again by the city who later accused me of the assault, I was left feeling vulnerable and as if I had no voice and no way to prove my innocence. Mark gave me that voice and gave me the courage to make it through the ensuing case which was successfully dismissed. I contacted Mark after doing an online search for Seattle area lawyers and he called me back immediately. All the advice he gave me was correct and panned out. He is thoroughly professional, reliable, and educated in the law and I would recommend him with out hesitation.


Review of Mark C. Blair

Mark handled my case professionally and with a favorable result. He knows what he is doing and I would recommend him to everyone!


Case Dismissed

Mark explained what would happen, and that is exactly what happen. Nice guy, helpful, and very professional.


Best in his field, case dismissed

Simply, he will get what the best for you. Mark is very experienced attorney on his field, and my case got dismissed within 2 months (in fact, it should be 1 month due to the Judge’s unavailability).

Before Mark, I have contacted with other attorneys and I can tell immediately many of them do not match the same level of experience of Mark. So I will highly recommend Mark to others who is looking for a good solution.


Great, professional, knowledgable

Mark is amazing! He did a fantastic job getting my assault charge DROPPED! He always keep me well informed. My phone calls and emails were always returned immediately. Mr. Blair is also extremely professional in the court room. Yeah for Mark! Hopefully I will never have to use him again. But if something goes wrong then I would definitely call him first! AAA rating from me!


Professional and effective

Mark was a pleasure to work with. Quick to respond, punctual, and always informed. He was great to work with and will always send him referrals.


Excellent help for the inexperienced

Mark had excellent insight into the problem and did a good job of handling it. My wife and I were both nervous about the criminal situation and he did a good job of putting that to rest. He explained all of the details very well for us since we were unfamiliar with this type of proceeding. He treated my daughter with respect and all of this was handled very well.


Client Review

Mark Blair did a great job in representing our daughter’s case, especially due to the special circumstances. Apparently, this type of request from the court was a little bit different than the usual one, because we had already paid the speeding ticket. The speeding ticket was the second moving violation for our 17 year old daughter and her license was due to be suspended for 5 months on February 16th. Mark was able to get our daughter’s speeding ticket dismissed from her record and we were refunded a portion of the previously paid amount. The bottom-line – her license did not get suspended and all of us couldn’t be happier!


Excellent experience

Mr. Blair actually handled a case for us over the span of several years. When we were unable to reach a successful conclusion during an appeal process, he agreed to process paperwork to have the charge removed from the record after the five year period. Mr. Blair was very helpful and responsive, and very knowledgeable of both the process and the judge assigned to the case.


Client Review

We have recommended Mark to multiple people and will continue to recommend him. He is very professional and knowledgeable in many areas.


Client Review

When we went to visit Mark for the first time, we were feeling very stressed and unsure of our rights, what to do, what to expect, etc. Mark listened effectively, gave us his full attention, and provided excellent guidance as we moved through the addiction recovery world and legal processes.

He provided a feeling of assurance throughout our experience – and – he was very fair and effective in the courtroom setting.


When only the best will do

Mark was able to make magic happen when assisting my son with a felony issue and cleanup of a great number of minor offenses. He was tireless and dedicated to making sure very little jail time was handed down even though we were dealing with a person with many legal problems and prior convictions. When all else fails and you are at the end of your rope, this is the man I would call. Absolutely two thumbs way up!


Client Review

I recently received a DUI on May 10th and Mark was done with everything by July 10th. On my initial consultation with Mark, he told me this is what is going to happen and that is exactly what happened. The outcome of my case was better than expected. Mark’s fees are better than anyone I met with, he is upfront and very personable. I would definitely recommend Mark as a lawyer to anyone.


Vacation of Finding, Sealing Record

I had consulted many other attorneys and spent thousands trying to remove an old record. Mark was able to take care of the problem in a very short period of time. Very professional and he explained the coarse of action very well.


5 out 5 Stars

I hired Mark recently to handle my case in restoring my fire arms right in order to obtain my WA cpl. He reviewed my case and was very knowledgable in the process of how to obtain my cpl. Mark’s staff was very pleasant to deal with, they kept me informed through the whole process. I like the fact, if I had any questions or concerns, his staff wouldn’t heistate to respond quickly. I finally was able to apply for my cpl and recieved it recently, his staff took the extra step to inform WA state patrol I had my fire arm rights restored. I would highly recommend Mark and his firm in any criminal case or licensing issue you may have.


Excellent Lawyer

I found Mark to be very personable. He always responded back in a reasonable time frame. He was very knowledgeable and handled our case excellently. I would recommend him highly.


Thank you for your professionalism and understanding

Straight forward professional guidance through a difficult situation. I contacted Blair & Kim, PLLC after finding their website. Abigail Fournier, my main contact throughout my case, listened patiently and really helped me figure out what I needed to do to resolve a difficult situation. I am very satisfied with the attention given to my case and the final result. I appreciate the effort given along the way and the successful completion. This case had a big impact on me personally and I imagine I am just one file in a large stack of cases but I never once felt unimportant or neglected. Thank you Mr. Blair and all your staff for their help but especially Abigail. Thank you!


Thank you Mark!!

I had Mark Blair as a lawyer for a misdemeanor this past year. I was really Impressed by his broad knowledge of the legal system and the responsiveness of both him and his secretary. In addition, I found him to be extremely comforting as he was a realistic guy with a great sense of humor that made a tough time a lot easier.