Divorce and Criminal Law

When Divorce Representation Requires Criminal Law Experience

Marital relationships often suffer distinct negative impacts of illegal criminal activity such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, accusations of drug crimes and others. In particular, domestic violence accounts for a great many arrests throughout Washington and across the United States. If you are involved in a divorce and are facing criminal accusations, our firm offers both divorce counsel and criminal defense. These issues become extremely important with regard to child custody and visitation as domestic violence, drug or alcohol use or other criminal activity can greatly impact a parent's ability to have access to the children. We offer our legal services to address divorce cases that involve criminal law.

Whether you are accused of criminal activity or have been the victim of any criminal act, Blair & Kim, PLLC, has the resources and the expertise in criminal defense to address your case professionally. Mark Blair, our experienced criminal defense attorney, working in tandem with our divorce attorneys to advise you on how the criminal accusations will impact your divorce case. We can also assist in obtaining a protection order to protect you and or your children or, where appropriate, work toward arranging visitation with the children despite the pending criminal charge. Many victims of abuse seek a divorce as the final step in their freedom. When a criminal law issue could affect your case, our Seattle divorce law firm has deep insight into both family law and criminal law, offering you the option to get your case managed carefully with regard to these two issues.

At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we have over 34 years of combined experience in divorce and criminal law. When criminal law issues can impact the outcome of your divorce, our accomplished legal team provides an excellent option. Any criminal charge could have a significant impact on the issues regarding custody and visitation and should be carefully addressed and our firm offers the depth of experience and knowledge you need in these complex legal issues.

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