Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most serious issues affecting married couples and those in relationships in the area and throughout the country. Washington State lawmakers have taken action to provide victims of domestic violence with orders of protection or restraining orders. Violence may be against a spouse or even children. It creates an unstable home, relationship and can place victims in fear for their safety. Many divorce cases will involve the influence of domestic violence. Any form of it will be reviewed by the court and can often carry a substantial influence on the final outcome of a case. If one party is found to be responsible for abuse, the court may choose not to award them child custody or other benefits. An individual may file a petition with the court to request a domestic violence protection order which may be granted upon the decision of the court.

Protecting Against Abuse with a Court Order

Depending on the particulars of a given circumstance, there are different ways in which a protection order may be issued. An ex parte protection order may be issued immediately by a judge in emergency situations, and this does not involve the presence of the abuser. Temporary orders may also be granted in response to a domestic violence criminal charge, and are often made permanent upon conviction. These protection orders are designed to restrict the accused from all contact with the victim and their family. Although a protection order is not official until the respondent has been served, serious consequences may follow its violation once the order has been properly executed.

Domestic violence is a serious matter that demands immediate action. As the abuse often escalates, the danger can be extreme. Domestic violence protection orders exist to protect victims from further injury, fear of harm, harassment, stalking and other dangers. The court will review the situation to establish if there is reason to believe the individual will be at risk and if there is valid need for a protection order. We will move forward immediately to get you the protection you need to be safe from further abuse, and can also represent you in divorce matters in cases in which abuse has been taking place.