Post-Decree Matters

Divorce is challenging time of transition. Dealing with the aftermath of property division and debt division and the change in living situations can be stressful and difficult. The costs of moving, a new household and other financial issues can cause problems in maintenance or an existing child custody order. Fortunately, these post-decree matters may be resolved through a legal modification.

When Modifications May be Necessary

As we all live in changing times, original agreements may not stand the test of time. Circumstances change with regard to employment, remarriage, the birth of other children in a new marriage and other issues that could impact the ability to pay a court ordered support payment. Changes in child custody agreements, changing needs of children and relocation are all issues that could require a modification of an existing court order. Modifications are available as a means to address post-decree matters that occur after the dissolution of a marriage.

Discuss your individual situation with a Seattle divorce lawyer to learn more the process of seeking a modification to a divorce order, custody order or other family law order. At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we understand that a dynamic and changing life requires a fast and efficient means to address these issues. Our firm achieves success by working closely with clients to determine whether there is a legitimate reason to pursue modification, and then developing the right approach to attaining it. We do this through research, organization and a drive to succeed that our entire staff shares.