Property Division

How is Property Divided in a Divorce?

Property division in a divorce may involve the family home, pension, 401k, stocks, stock options, a family business, bank accounts, cars, pets and other personal property. The task of dividing assets can become highly complex. Our divorce attorneys have the knowledge, experience and resources to assist you in maximizing and protecting your assets at all stages of the divorce process. When necessary, we use real estate appraisers, business valuation experts and forensics accountants who can support your case.

Separate and Community Property

Washington is a community property state. This means that property acquired during the marriage with some exceptions, and earnings during the marriage, are community property. Separate property includes property owned before marriage and property received by gift or inheritance during marriage. Whether a property is considered community or separate does not determine the ultimate property division. Rather, it is determined based on what the court believes is fair and equitable. In doing so, the court will look at all property, community and separate. From vehicles to homes to financial investments and more, every asset acquired during a marriage will end up on the negotiating table.

An experienced Seattle divorce attorney with the knowledge, experience and resources can help to ensure you are awarded a fair share of the community property and protect your separate property. At Blair & Kim, PLLC, we can help you fight to get the assets you deserve. From start to finish, our attorneys can work closely with clients to prepare for property division, debt division and all other facets of a divorce. We will guide you through the steps developing an organized and compelling case for the protection of your assets.