Spousal Maintenance

Also known as spousal support or alimony, maintenance refers to one spouse's requirement to provide monetary support to the other, whose financial well-being may be severely hampered as a result of a divorce. Washington State law allows for spousal maintenance to be awarded in cases in which divorced individuals do not possess the financial security to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed over the duration of the marriage, nor do they have the work skills necessary to achieve it. While a maintenance agreement may be ongoing, that does not mean that it will continue forever, or that it cannot be modified as circumstances change.

How the Court Decides

There are a variety of key factors that play a role in determining whether one spouse will be required to pay maintenance to another, and how much that amount will be. The court must first consider whether the recipient is capable of finding employment, and also whether the recipient is vulnerable to financial hardship as a result of the dissolution of the relationship and loss of marital support. Then, the court will examine information related to monthly income and expenses for both spouses among other issues. The duration of the marriage will affect the length of time spousal maintenance will be paid, as well as the amount. While the conclusions of the court are considered final, they may be challenged later through modifications as a post-decree matter.

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