Defending a DUI

If you have been charged with DUI, it is crucial that you begin your defense strategy immediately. There are many possible strategies we can use to defend your DUI charge.

The first step is to speak with you and get all the details about what happened when you were pulled over. We then get a copy of the "discovery" - the police report that could include video and audio recordings. We visit the scene and interview the arresting officer and any other law enforcement personnel that were present, as well as any witnesses. We then meet with you again to determine the best course of action for the defense. Will it be possible to get the case dismissed? In many cases, after this analysis, we find enough to pursue a full dismissal.

In some cases, after an in-depth review of the actual evidence in your case, we discover that there was a rights violation, such as a lack of probable cause for the police stop.

It is also possible that there were errors in police procedure during the arrest, that the testing unit used was faulty, or that the test was administered incorrectly. The field sobriety test is one of the most easily challenged pieces of evidence presented against someone charged with DUI. Since it is so susceptible to error, it is vital that we review how the test was administered, as well as any results of the test before your case proceeds any further.

If it is not possible to obtain a full dismissal, we proceed to determine how we can best mitigate the sentence and impact.

Because there are so many opportunities to defend a DUI charge, it is in your best interest to enlist in the help of a skilled DUI attorney so that we can use those opportunities to fight the charges brought against you.